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Island-wide Service

Maxpoint CCTV is at your service covering the whole island. Whether you are out of Colombo or within the city limits, we are capable of supplying our services for you.

Home & Office Installation

We do understand it's important to secure both your home and office. That's why Maxpoint CCTV is offering both home and office CCTV installation.

100% Protection

With 24/7 non-stop CCTV recording of all your cameras, we make sure 100% surveillance of your property.

Reliable Service

Our services, with the latest equipment and technology, assure you are getting a reliable service that you are always looking for.


Maxpoint CCTV is a leading CCTV installation service in Sri Lanka offering hi-quality CCTV packages for affordable prices with software, hardware accessories, and full installation. Our experienced technicians make sure that your property's security is at its maximum by covering vulnerable points during CCTV installation. At Maxpoint CCTV, we are offering a wide range of CCTV equipment according to the customer's requirements. If you don't have any idea, our team will design a CCTV system that will fit your requirements and budget.

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